About Us
About us

Hi! I’m Amalia the founder of Amayya Jewellery. Amayya was established in 2017 in Darwin, Australia.


I have loved jewellery for as long as I can remember. I loved trying out my mum’s jewellery since I was a kid and tailing her to a jewellery store. I bought my first piece of jewellery when I was 10 and my collection has grown ever since. When this life-long obsession met my passion in digital marketing I decided to start my own jewellery business.


AMAYYA collection ranging from minimalist and stylish sterling silver jewellery to luxe and trendy jewellery. Pieces that you can wear from day to night.
The Limited Edition collection features handmade, one of a kind items that I personally handpicked during my travels.

Have fun with your jewellery – let it make a statement about your style!

I hope you like my pieces, they make perfect gifts for your friends and family and best of all – that special treat for yourself! ❤️